The SHPE Conference is a premier recruiting event dedicated to Hispanics in engineering and science. The last conference was held in Detroit, MI and attracted over 4,000 students and professionals from all over the nation as well as over 1700 recruiters from over 200 companies and organizations. The 2015 SHPE National Conference will be held in Baltimore, MD from November 11 to November 15, 2015.

SHPE National Conference

The National Conference is designed to maximize exposure of SHPE members to leading companies and organizations across numerous fields of engineering and science. The SHPE Conference also offers many competitions, including the Academic Olympiad and the Extreme Engineering Competition in which our members have often participated in. These competitions serve to increase the technical and non-technical skillsets of SHPE members. Additionally, attendees participate in professional development and technical workshops, academic and design competitions, networking events, and the conferences' main event, the career fair. For more information on the SHPE Conference 2015 visit

SHPE Regional Conference

The purpose of the Eastern Technical Leadership Conference (ETLC) is defined in its title: to develop leadership. However, beyond developing the leadership within SHPE, ETLC also allows student and professional chapters to network with one another and to form the strong connections and bonds to strengthen the organization as a whole. Every year, around to 200 SHPE members representing more than 45 schools and 12 professional chapters from the East Coast of the United States gather at ETLC to learn and grow. SHPE UMD members have benefited tremendously from this conference in the past, and it is our hope to continue these efforts in 2015. For more information on ETLC, please visit

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