University of Maryland SHPE Chapter Bylaws

We, the member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers do hereby establish this Constitution in order that our purpose be realized to its fullest extent. STUDENT CHAPTER
Name of Chapter: SHPE-University of Maryland

We, the members of Hispanic background and students at the University of Maryland enrolled in a curricula of Engineering and Applied Sciences, freely undertake the challenge to increase the number of Hispanics entering these disciplines, improve significantly the continuation and graduation of these students and achieve a higher unity among ourselves. With the serious purpose above, dedicate our efforts to establish this constitution for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Student Chapter, at the University of Maryland, College Park
Article I
The name of this organization will be the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, henceforth referred to as SHPE.

Article II
SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize their fullest potential and impacts the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development. SHPE understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by University of Maryland, College Park policies.

Article III
Membership shall be limited to persons officially connected with the University of Maryland, College Park as faculty, staff or currently enrolled students. To become a member of SHPE, interested persons must register on the National SHPE website ( as a member of Region IV and more specifically the University of Maryland’s chapter of SHPE. Memberships are renewed on an annual basis and depend on whether the interested parties have paid their membership due of $10/year.
The organization does not discriminate in violation of the University’s Code of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (see or in violation of University policies (see . The organization, its officers and members must agree to abide by University policies and procedures and applicable federal, state and local laws.
Article IV
SHPE will be governed by the following means:
1. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the organization, to appoint committees to undertake such activities as he shall consider advisable, to supervise the other officers in the performance of their duties, and to appoint, subject to the approval of a simple majority of the members present, persons to serve as officers due to temporary or permanent vacancies. Final responsibility for all of the Organization's affairs lies with the President.
2. SIt shall be the duty of the Vice-President of Internal Affairs to oversee all events, activities and other issues held at or pertaining to the University of Maryland. This includes but is not limited to socials, academic workshops, general body meetings etc.
3. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President of External Affairs to oversee all events, activities and other issues pertaining to the National and Regional SHPE offices outside of the University of Maryland, and to maintain communication with regional SHPE representatives. This includes but is not limited to community service, SHPE National/Regional liaison High School involvements etc.
4. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President of Corporate Affairs to oversee all corporate sponsorship and other industry-related issues, as well as to maintain, attract and grow prosperous relationships with companies. This includes but is not limited to bringing in corporate representatives for events, tend to the sponsorship needs of specific events that are planned etc.
5. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President of Marketing to oversee all forms of marketing for all SHPE events and activities, through virtual and physical means. This includes but is not limited to social media advertising, as well as flyer/poster design, acquisition, and distribution.
6. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President of Technological Affairs to oversee all events, projects, and activities related to technical development of our members. This includes but is not limited to potential engineering related projects that members may want to participate in to develop their technical backgrounds and gain valuable technical and teamwork experience.
7. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to manage annual budgets and control strict records of all financial aspects of the organization, keep funds received by the organization and notify all members of their dues. This includes but is not limited to fund-raising events, and working directly with any event that requires funds.
8. It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep detailed notes for both eboard and general body meetings, as well as distribute weekly newsletters with important information and upcoming events, as well as to reserve rooms for general body meetings. This includes but is not limited to distribution of meeting notes and event summaries to members etc.
9 . It shall be the duty of the graduate coordinator to act as the direct liaison to the graduate population oversee any events and activities targeted towards graduate students.
10 The Officer Cabinet of this organization shall be comprised of several positions reporting to the different branches of the Executive Board. Officer positions shall be added or removed as necessary. A cabinet position, is essentially a temporary eboard position, created for the purpose of the events taking place at various time throughout the year. A cabinet member will attend eboard meetings, and assume responsibilities given to them by the eboard.

Article V
Section 1
a. Those members meeting all requirements of active membership as set forth in Article III will be granted voting privileges.

Section 2
a. Members will publicly make nominations for officer positions during the meeting before the elections. The nominees will comprise the ballot.
b Each candidate will prepare a one minute speech about why they should be elected to be presented at the election meeting.
c Officers shall be elected by secret written ballots. For each office, the candidate receiving a simple majority of the votes shall be declared elected.
d In the event of a tie, a revote will take place. If there is a second tie after the revote, the president will decide the winner.
e If an officer decides to step down from office, another officer will fill the position, as decided by the officers. The newly appointed officer must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members of the Organization.
f If the President is unable to discharge the duties of the office, the Executive Board shall appoint one of the Vice-Presidents to assume the duties of the President. The newly appointed President must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members in the Organization.

Section 3
a. Any officer of "Name of Organization" in violation of the Organization's purpose or constitution may be removed from office by the following process:
b. A written request by at least three members of the Organization presented to any Executive Board member.
c. Written notification to the officer of the request, asking the officer to be present at the next meeting and prepared to speak.

Article VI
1. The constitution is binding to all members of SHPE. But the constitution is not binding unto itself. 2. Amendments to the constitution may be proposed in writing by any voting member of SHPE at any meeting at which 2/3 of the voting members is present.
3. These amendments will be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the executive council or other officer grouping.
4. Proposed amendments will become effective following approval of two-thirds (2/3)-majority vote of active members.

Article VII
SHPE will apply to the Stamp Student Union for registration on an annual basis one month after SHPE new officer elections.

1. Meetings
a. General Body Meetings (GBMs) should be held on a monthly basis (at minimum) to update active members on upcoming events. They will follow the procedure set below:
i. Attendance
ii. Report by the President
iii. Committee reports
iv. Vote on all committee motions and decisions
v. Any other business put forward by the members of the club
vi. Presentation by corporate sponsor
vii. Dismissal by the President
b. Each semester, there must be at least one event for each of the five pillars of SHPE: Academics, Community Outreach, Chapter Development, Leadership Development, and Professional Development.

Article VIII
SHPE will finance the activities it engages in by the following means:
1. Corporate Sponsor Donations – The sponsorship packet compiled by the Financial Chair at the beginning of the year will be sent out to all current and potential corporate sponsors. Any donations resulting from said packet will be placed in SHPE’s FRS account for future use. 2. Fundraising Activities – SHPE members will actively seek out opportunities for fundraising, including food sales in the front lobby of Martin Hall, charging non-members for entrance into social events, etc.
3. SHPE will submit a budget to the Student Government Association Finance Committee or Graduate Student Government Finance Committee on an annual basis and request funding appropriate to the effective operation of the organization for each year.

Article IX
Section 1

Committees shall be established by the President or may be voted into existence by the SHPE/UMD at a general meeting of the membership. If a committee is voted into existence, a chairperson for that committee will be chosen as per Article VIII, Section 2.

Section 2

The President shall appoint the committee chairperson subject to the approval of the group members.

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