Meetings every other Monday in KIM @ 6:30pm

Come join us every other week and meet the family members of SHPE-UMD. We always strive to have free food for our members at our GBMs. Missed our previous GBM? You can find a copy of the last presentation here .


Looking to get involved? Our organization has a host of events throughout the year. Click here to get dates and sign ups on all of our upcoming events.

SHPE shirts are here!

Show your support for SHPE by getting your own shirt! Come to our lounge in 0142 EGR to get yours while supplies last. Or you can come pick up a shirt during one of our GBMs. Each shirt costs $12 and comes in S - XL.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
- University of Maryland, College Park -

Come say "hola" at one of our events! Click here to learn how to officially join our SHPE chapter and the National organization!


We take pride in the high level of academics our members continue to achieve.


We teach our members the fundamentals to become leaders in their communities and serve as role models.

Community Outreach

We hold many community outreach events every year that reach out to hundreds of people to help recruitment into STEM fields.


We welcome anyone to join SHPE-UMD and become part of our familia! We want to make you feel part of our community.

Highlights of the Year 2015 - 2016
Why Choose Us

Professional Development

We bring companies to you. Guest speakers from companies like Microsoft, There are many opportunities for members to participate with professional companies in workshops, events, and informational meetings. These discussions and lectures from various companies will allow members to develop their professional abilities and skills while also hearing suggestions from respected professionals about interview techniques, resume practices, and dressing professionally at career fairs.

Academic Development

We provide study hall events and tutoring services for our members giving them an opportunity to excel in their academic studies. The chapter also dedicates itself to providing information and opportunities about study abroad programs, graduate schools, and internship opportunities as an additional resource for SHPE members.

Leadership Development

There are various opportunities to attend leadership workshops, seminars, and conferences. The 2015 SHPE National Conference is being held in our very own state of Maryland in Baltimore, allowing members to get in contact with thousands of engineering professionals, students, and corporate representatives. Along with this major event members also have the opportunity to attend the Regional Leadership and the National Institute for Leadership Advancement.

Community Service

The chapter on campus actively participates in community outreach and volunteer events with the university as well as other schools in the Prince George’s County and Montgomery County area. We also host our own recognized community service events such as the Noche de Ciencias and other fundraising collaborations.

Join our Faimilia!

We want to make you feel part of our family, to find your home away from home, and even have fun,all while still focusing on a strong academic performance.

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